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ADI Bromsgrove Side of CarThe ADI Bromsgrove Driving School Corsa Design

The black ADI Bromsgrove Driving School Vauhall Corsa Design is out and about in your area on a daily basis during driving lessons and driving tests, and is highly recognisable from its great looks and ADI Bromsgrove Driving School graphics.

The air conditioned Vauxhall Corsa Design Model is the top of the range in it’s class and has been especially chosen as a training vehicle, not only for it’s great looks both in and out but because it is a five door version. The five door version is especially valuable to learners as a training vehicle due to the excellent all round vision afforded compared to the more limited and prohibitive views provided by the three door version of the Corsa and other similar sized vehicles. This makes for easier and safer learning for students.

Student safety is paramount with driver, passenger and side airbags, along with He-Man dual controls and additional instructor mirrors, which makes for the perfect car to learn to drive in.

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About Pass Plus – You Could Save Money on Your Insurance Premiums!*

Pass Plus is an established training course aimed at new drivers. It was designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) with the help of insurers and the driving instruction industry.

ADI Bromsgrove Driving School is registered to teach Pass Plus and will instruct you for a minimum of 6 hours.  After you have reached the required standard and have completed the 6 modules, you will be issued with an official form that you send to the DSA. The DSA will then send you a certificate. Finally, present that certificate (sent to you by the DSA) to your insurance company, who will offer you their discount

Worcestershire County Council currently pay a £60.00 subsidy towards your Pass Plus course (subject to their status rules ie you must live in the Worcester County catchments area and attend a free 2 hour course).

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*(Any discount is subject to your insurance company’s acceptance rules. It is important to check with your insurance company to confirm that a discount will be provided as not all insurance companies offer discounts).