About ADI Bromsgrove Driving School

The ADI Bromsgrove Driving School is run by a Bromsgrove based Driving Instructor who offers exciting and progressive driving lessons....

ADI Bromsgrove Driving SchoolUndertaking driving lessons and passing your driving test is one of life’s greatest achievements. Having the new ability to drive can make a huge change to your lifestyle, allowing for new opportunities such as higher independence and the freedom to travel and even greater career prospects.

ADI Bromsgrove Driving School specialises in developing safe and competent drivers through one-to-one training with theory and practical on-the-road exercises. The tuition from ADI Bromsgrove Driving School not only prepares new drivers for their driving test, but grows each pupil into a confident and knowledgeable driver for life.

Fact: The DSA (who set the test) say that, on average it takes more than 40 hours of driving lessons and more than 20 hours private practice to pass the driving test. By being 'choosy' when finding a driving school, you can keep your hours to a minimum!   
David Mann is the local Bromsgrove based driving instructor behind ADI Bromsgrove Driving School.

Using his extensive knowledge and driving skills as a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) he is able to provide comprehensive and effective driving lessons that are combined with a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

 " I know that if you have the confidence in your instructor this will be the key to your success. I will instruct you both competently and professionally up to the driving test standard in the shortest possible time, without the need to compromise safety. The net result is - that you will save money"

David Mann.